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AutoProPAD Updates & Support Subscription—1 YR. (XTOOL) - ZIPPY LOCKS

AutoProPAD Full, LITE & BASIC Updates & Support Subscription 1 year Subscription renewal

  • $60000

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One full year of unlimited updates and support is included absolutely free with every AutoProPAD and AutoProPAD Lite purchase. At the end of your first year, your AutoProPAD will continue working as it always did but will no longer receive new vehicle updates. Technical support services, as provided by Lock Labs, will also cease.

For an unheard of $600 you can continue to receive unlimited updates and technical support for another full year for your AutoProPAD or AutoProPAD Lite.

Please note that if an active subscription is allowed to lapse over 30 days, there will be an additional $150 reactivation fee.


Your AutoProPAD or AutoProPAD LITE machines come with 1 year of free updates and support. When the subscription ends, the machines continue working normally, but updates and support will no longer be available.


  • If the user's machine subscription was expired for longer than 30 days:
    • there will be a Subscription Reactivation Fee of $150 to start a subscription again
    • their subscription is considered NEW and the start date will be the day the new subscription is activated onto their machine
  • If the user renews their subscription within 30 days of the end of their subscription's expiration:
    • there will not be any additional fee
    • their subscription is considered a CONTINUATION and the start date will go backwards to the day after their subscription ended (the expiration)

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