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BLUE Penloader Reflasher (LOGIKEY) - ZIPPY LOCKS

BLUE Penloader Reflasher (LOGIKEY)

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Painless Reflashing at your Fingertips

With the help of detailed instructions with pictures, pull the ECU, press onto the chip, select your model, and push the button to reflash. No clips, no cables, no computer needed. You don’t even need a power cable—just grab it and go!

  • Patent Pending Pogo-Pin Head—No more fuss with clips! With other reflashers, you’ll struggle getting a good contact with the chip. The sharpened pogo-pins on the PenLoader not only make full contact a breeze, but they eliminate the need for scraping enamel from the legs.
  • Operates on Rechargeable Batteries—You don’t even need to plug into any kind of power source to use. Includes internal nickel-metal hydride batteries and a 12v power adapter just in case.
  • Keep Your Work Area Well Lit—2 lights are built into the head to light your work area. No more asking your customers to hold a flashlight!
  • UNDO Capability—Before reflashing your chip, the PenLoader automatically stores the old dump in case you want to restore it later. It always holds information from your last reflash.
  • One-Handed Operation—Shaped to allow you to do all of your work without needing four hands.

Kit Includes:

  • PenLoader reflasher unit with patent-pending Pogo-Pin Head
  • Octopus wire head
  • Toyota/Lexus OBD2 resync tool
  • User manual, including pictures and detailed post-program procedures
  • 5250/SOIC8 Pomona clips
  • Grounding wire
  • 2 grounding Micro-grabbers
  • 12V power adapter
  • Hard carrying case

Note: Most users will need to make sure that you purchase a BLACK programming key and a RED programming key if you want to be able to reflash Hondas & Acuras. You can create your own if you have a cloner, but if you do not have access to a cloner, please do not forget to purchase these pre-cloned keys.

What's the difference between the RED and the BLUE PenLoader? View the PenLoader Application List.

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