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Caution Tape - "Locksmith At Work" (ACT) - ZIPPY LOCKS

Caution Tape - "Locksmith At Work" (ACT)

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Tired of the general public tearing through your workspace like you’re invisible? Sick of having to stop your door repair every two minutes to answer the question, “can I enter or exit through here?” Introducing the very first and only caution tapes made specifically for the locksmith industry. Awesome Caution Tapes will let all passersby know that a) you are a locksmith and b) no, you absolutely may not enter or exit from this door. Advertise your professional services to all observers while keeping them safe and out of your way. It’s a win-win for you and for them.  Awesome Caution Tapes are made from high-quality, vibrant plastics to give you ultimate visibility.

  • Prevent people from disrupting your work or entering your workspace.
  • Prevent people from shutting car doors that are in active programming mode or are having locks replaced.
  • Let people on the other side of the door you’re working on know that it is unsafe to enter.
  • Prevent injuries incurred by your tools on the ground or by an unsafe door, while your work is in progress.
  • Let people know that you’re a legitimate locksmith and not just a maintenance man. Prepare to hand out business cards!
  • Feel more secure about leaving your jobsite while you head to your van for tools or parts.

Available in two styles: "Caution! Door Repair In Progress" and "Locksmith At Work."

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