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CN2/5 Cloning Chip for 4D / Toyota G-Chip Cloning - ZIPPY LOCKS

CN2/5 Cloning Chip for 4D / Toyota G-Chip Cloning

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CN2 / CN5 Ceramic Cloning Chip for 4D and Toyota G-Chip cloning

- Use for cloning 4D chips with Texas Crypto 1 & 2 (will not work for 80 bit chips)

- Use for cloning Toyota G-Chip

- Will work with MiraClone device

Please note: CN5 is now replacing the CN2 chips

CN5 Ceramic Cloning Use CN Chip for cloning Toyota G Chip / D Chip (with CN900 mini)
The US5 cloning chip is similar to/interchangeable with the CN5 but better quality and with a wider range. They can be used to clone the Toyota G-chip (Tex 4D-72). NEWLY DISCOVERED: The CN5 can replace the CN2 chips. It does NOT clone Subaru 80-bit keys. Please note that at the moment, these chips are only supported by a small number of cloning machines such as the KeyLogic US900. These will NOT work with your JMA TRS-5000, Keyline 884, or Advanced Diagnostics AD900.

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