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Complete LAB Kwikset Pin Pack -Precision Kwikset Bottom Pins -10 ea. Size 1-6 - ZIPPY LOCKS

Complete LAB Kwikset Pin Mini Pack - Kwikset Bottom Pins - 10 ea. / Size 1-6

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Complete LAB Kwikset Pin Mini Pack - Precision Made Kwikset Bottom Pins - 10 ea. / Sizes 1-6

Just right for locksmith, landlord, and property manager.

This kit contains 10 ea. of the following LAB bottom pins for Kwikset keys and Locks:

  • Bottom Pin 3100 .172-1B
  • Bottom Pin 3101 .195-2B
  • Bottom Pin 3103 .218-3B
  • Bottom Pin 3105 .241-4B
  • Bottom Pin 3106 .264-5B
  • Bottom Pin 3107 .287-6B

A total of 60 pins.

Pins are packed in separate compartments in 1 poly bag. Perfect for rekey of Kwikset standard locks

NOTE: Not compatible with Kwikset Smartkey

NOTE 2: To re-pin any lock, specific specialized tools may be helpful. Tools are not included in this pack.

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