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Ford 2012-2015 High Security 4-Btn Rmt Head Key (5921709) - ZIPPY LOCKSHOP

Ford 2012-2017 4 Btn Remote Head High Security Key - FCC ID: 850K-D6000022

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Ford 2012-2015 High Security 4-Btn Rmt Head Key 

Works on the Following Models:

Ford C-Max 2013-2016
Ford Escape 2012-2016
Ford Focus SE 2012-2017
Ford Focus SEL 2012-2017
Ford Focus 2012-2017
Ford Transit 2013-2017
Ford Transit Connect 2014-2017

Buttons: Lock

Replaces: Strattec 5921709
Rotunda 164-R8046
Ford MCM5A 15K601 AA

FCC ID: 850K-D6000022 IC: OUCD6000022

Chip: Tex 4D-63 80-Bit

Battery: CR2032

Test Key: HU101

Code Series: 1-1706X Reusable: Yes

NOTE: The key is uncut. If cutting services are required please contact prior to purchase.

NOTE: Remote must be programed using on board procedure separate from transponder.

RK-FD-403 | part # 165-R8046

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