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2 Pack Kwikset SmartKey Rekey Kit - Smart Key Reset

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Each Kit contains Kwikset SmartKey Rekeying Kit - 4 Cut Keys - Smart Key Locks

Each Kit in this 2 pack set contains the following:

  • 1 ea. Smart key Resetting Tool
  • 4 ea. Identically Cut KW1 Keys
  • 1 ea. Detailed Printed Instructions & QR code link to an online instructional video with your smartphone 

This precision-made set has everything you need to rekey your Smart key lock in just seconds. Great set for landlords and property managers who are providing better security for themselves and their tenants by rekeying locks on their units.

Smart key technology is found in deadbolts, doorknobs, and door levers.

Compatible with the Smart key lock which may be used in Kwikset, Baldwin, and Weiser lock brands. These locks are identified by their use of a Kwikset KW1 five cut key and a very small hole on the face of the lock which accommodates the tip of the lock reset tool. (see images)

NOTE 1: To reset a Smart key lock you must have a (1)working key, (2)a Smart key resetting tool, and (3) a new key (or set of identically cut keys).

NOTE 2: This kit will not reset a Smart key lock for which you do not have a current working key. 

Ref: KWS-83335 X 2

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