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Kia 2004 Sorento 4 Btn Remote - FCC ID: PLN BONTEC-T016 - ZIPPY LOCKS

Kia 2004 Sorento 4 Btn Remote - FCC ID: PLN BONTEC-T016

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OE #: 95430-3E420

Buttons Info: L,U,P,H

Programming Instructions:

       2004 Kia Serento    

This is what you will need to have before you start 

  • 1 or 2 OEM Key Fobs.
  • 1.5 foot of electrical wire, with ends stripped,
    approximately 22 gauge. (Jumper Wire).
  • Open the hood of your SUV.

  • Behind the battery on the drivers side is a plastic covered connector labeled Diagnostics.

  • Open the plastic cover on the Diagnostics port by pulling up on the edge near the FRONT of the vehicle.
  • Get your prepped/stripped jumper wire and place one end in connector 6 as shown in the pictures.

  • Run the other end of the jumper wire to the POSITIVE terminal on your battery, you can just push it into the little opening on there so it stays in place for a few minutes.

  • Get into your vehicle with your key fobs.
  • Put one key into your ignition and turn to ON position, DO NOT start your vehicle.
  • If you just have ONE key fob to reprogram, when you turn the vehicle to ON, hold the LOCK button down for 3 seconds, the lights on the dash will go off, and you are done. Turn the key off, disconnect the wire, and try the key fob.
  • If you have TWO key fobs to reprogram, turn the key to ON, hold the first LOCK button for 1 second, then the second one for 1 second. Turn the key off after the lights on the dash go off and remove the jumper wire. Test both Key Fobs



Sorento (2004-2006

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