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Solid Stainless Steel Door Strike Locator (LOCK MONKEY) - ZIPPY LOCKS

Solid Stainless Steel Door Strike Locator (LOCK MONKEY)

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When prepping a door for a new cylindrical lock, use this tool to make sure you're drilling your strike hole in exactly the right place. Without the proper use of a strike locator, your run the risk of the latch or bolt not properly aligning with the strike hole.


  • STEP 1: Drill your 2-1/8" hole for the main lock body
  • STEP 2: Drill your 1" hole for the latch/bolt
  • STEP 3: Insert the strike locator into your latch/bolt hole with the sharp end facing out
  • STEP 4: Close the door and use a hammer to tap the strike locator, leaving a mark in the door jamb
  • STEP 5: Use the new mark as your center point and drill your 1" hole in the door jamb for your new strike

Made of solid stainless steel, works well for both wood and steel preps.

Replaces Kwikset KWI-89919-001 (#2846) and Major HIT-24 and Pro-Lok INJIG-116

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