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Replacement Cable for Under-the-door lever Door Opener

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This replacement cable is made from high-quality materials in the United States to replace the cable in Under-the-door Lever Door Openers.

2 Versions are available: 

  • The Heavy Duty version is made of more substantial construction than other replacements including a larger diameter cable, upgraded crimp connectors, and a stronger split ring. These upgrades will allow for longer service between cable replacement*.
  • The Standard Duty version is made of materials equal to, or better than, those in the other replacements including an equivalent diameter cable, upgraded crimp connectors, and stronger split ring. This replacement will provide a similar service time to the original cable*.

The Under-the-door lever opener is generally successfully used on office doors, and doors in a commercial setting, with the following conditions:

  1. With a gap at the bottom under which the tool can be inserted without binding
  2. With a lever type door handle on the interior of the door that remains usable to open the door regardless of whether the door is locked or unlocked
  3. Without obstructive binding or mechanical faults that prevent the opening of the door
  4. Free obstruction (e.g., items such as jackets, aprons, bags, and etc...) hanging on the inside of the door that will obstruct the tools access to the door lever.

*Note: Time of useful service varies based on use

Compare with Lock Monkey MK201 MK-201 and/or Keedex K-22 K22

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