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Universal Grade Carbide 2mm 4 Flutes End Mill Cutter (RAISE)

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RAISE Solid Carbide High Gloss Grinding 4 Flutes End Mill Cutter

RAISE Key Cutter, founded in 2009, is a professional and leading manufacturer of key milling cutters for key duplicator machines including Silca, Keyline, JMA, HPC, and Kaba Ilco. RAISE focuses on the production of high quality key cutters made from HSS and solid carbide.

Type of Cutter: End Mill Cutter
Diameter (d): 2mm
Dimensions: 6mm x 40mm
Material: Carbide
Grade: Universal Grade
Applicable Machines: JMA Capri Smart
JMA Dakar
JMA Dakar Express
JMA Dakki
JMA X-Code
Silca Idea
Silca Matrix Pro
Silca Matrix Evo
Silca Matrix SLX
SIlca Matrix S
Silca Doge/C
Silca Club
Silca Club Jr
Replaces: JMA F33
Part Number: EW6020B-4F
RAISE Order Number: P-3852

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