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Vats Ignition Bypass Module - ZIPPY LOCKS

Vats Ignition Bypass Module

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The Vats Bypass Module (#VBM 054) is an ideal problem solver for the automotive locksmith.

  Designed for those times when your General Motors ignition lock (with the VATS system installed in it) fails.

No more removing the air bag, everything is done under the dash. It’s fast, it’s easy and it plugs into the OEM wiring. No cutting, no stripping, no soldering & no guessing.

  What this VBM054 unit does is redirects (or bypasses if you will) the signal that was coming from the from the VATS key, redirects through the Vats Bypass Module, then back to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The vats bypass module has all 15 vats values built into the unit. By using the module you create the same signal needed to tell the ECU it is ok to start the car.

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