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Key Bump Finger Saver

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The Key Bump Finger Saver allows the locksmith to keep fingers out of the way of the ‘bump’ when opening a lock. Inserted into the head of the key the finger saver allows rotating leverage to turn the key during the bump process with sensitive fingers out of the way. Pain, cursing, throbbing thumbs, numb fingers, and bruising are not necessary when you use the Key Bump Finger Saver. Once you use one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them sooner. Give those fingers a break (break may not be the word to use here) – you need them to do your job!

But, be careful - it is possible to put enough torque on the key to break it with this little tool. And, that just makes the job harder.

*And Guess What – the finger saver also saves pain in arthritic fingers by adding a little leverage to rotate a key in a stiff lock. 

*But wait, that’s not all (I've always wanted to say that) the Finger saver also makes an effective key chain self-defense weapon. It will definitely 'leave a mark' on an attacker.

(Item may be purchased as part of a kit here  --->

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